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A Deathbed Regret I Won’t Have

I’m getting to the point in this voyage called life where it is natural to think in terms of bucket lists and deathbed regrets to be avoided. A deathbed regret I won’t have is not having listened to President Trump’s address to CPAC last Saturday. Let’s explore. Continue reading A Deathbed Regret I Won’t Have

Why I Won’t Be Writing Tuesday Night

Aside from the years I was coaching and had a game, scouting assignment or recruiting trip that conflicted with it, I can’t remember missing the live broadcast of the State of the Union Address in my adult life. That takes in presidents of both parties; ones I liked and ones I disliked. In recent years I would listen to the speech live (often following along on a leaked transcript) take a very brief break at its conclusion and then write making certain I was posted for the 1am deadline. I’m not certain exactly what I will be doing late Tuesday night but one thing I am certain of is that I will not be writing a review of the State of the Union. In fact there is a better than even chance I will not watch it live. Allow me to explain. Continue reading Why I Won’t Be Writing Tuesday Night

If You Are Gullible Enough

I can see the Trump enablers’ excuses coming; in fact some are already in use. They are all pretty lame but the lowest common denominator and the willfully ignorant will accept them. Let me review a few and preview a few others. Continue reading If You Are Gullible Enough

Confused But Not Amused

It’s late Friday afternoon, Congress has gone home for the weekend, I have a lot planned for tomorrow and at 1am EST Sunday my readers are going to expect a new posting that most likely covers the biggest American political story of the week just ended. What am I to do? I’ll write it now. If you’ll come along you’ll see my latest remarks on the Trump Shutdown 3.0 (and perhaps a few other tidbits too tempting to pass up). Continue reading Confused But Not Amused

And It’s Still Early On Monday

It is early Monday afternoon as I pen this but I’m already overwhelmed with material from earlier today and the last few days. There are a bunch of things I’d like to briefly explore; let’s see how many I can get to. Continue reading And It’s Still Early On Monday