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The Other Vaccine

The COVID vaccines have mostly done their job, in America and other wealthy nations anyway. Unless there is a more dangerous mutation, COVID’s threat is now manageable. In America there is another large threat to health and beyond. It is the Republican party. It is not hyperbole to say it is just as deadly; in fact a case can be made that it kills many more Americans. What we desperately need is a vaccine against it. The most interesting thing is that the vaccine already exists, and is both widely available and affordable. What it is may surprise you. Read on to discover.

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As The Setup Man Rises From The Bullpen Bench

As is often the case I’m writing a few days ahead of publishing (Saturday afternoon). The public impeachment inquiry hearings are scheduled to begin tomorrow morning. I didn’t want to commence writing until the Republicans released their witness request list anticipating they would give me more fodder. They did not disappoint! Let’s explore. Continue reading As The Setup Man Rises From The Bullpen Bench

Another Mass Shooting And Another Bad Week For Trump

It is late Friday morning as I pen this article. The news is currently dominated by the breaking story of another mass shooting at a school. As with all breaking news it is best to wait a bit before commenting on the details. However I want you to juxtapose two interesting statistics. In 2017 Americans had almost 90 million dogs in their homes and over 300 million firearms. My main thrust today is to illustrate that it has again been a very bad week for Trump and his criminal family (more commonly known as administration). They have been caught in several lies a few of which I’d like to explore in the paragraphs below.   Continue reading Another Mass Shooting And Another Bad Week For Trump