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Supremely Exploitable

Most often the subject of my Sunday article is the biggest American political story of the week just passed. Last week was largely a week where the stories garnering the most ink were basically old news repackaged. Therefore, and not for the first time, I am letting my reading influence my writing.

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Lurking Dangers

Two articles came to my attention in the past few days. Neither one by themself warranted an entire article. While on the surface they appear quite different; they are actually similar in that they are dangerous. One will look like the outline of a Michael Crichton novel, the other the outline of a political thriller. Both are very, very real and the scary part is that they are flying mostly under the radar.

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Progressive Sweeping XXXIX

Lots to get to so let’s get going.

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3 Co-equal Branches?

I remember a conversation I had with one of my grandchildren several years back. The topic was the three theoretically co-equal branches of the federal government. For the benefit of any none-regular readers who may be monitoring my site today, they are: the Executive (basically the presidency), the Legislative (Congress) and the Judicial (at its apex, the Supreme Court). That many years ago (the grandchild graduated from college several years ago, with honors I might add) it was already apparent that the co-equal part was a myth. Today it is an obvious problem.

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Only We Can Stop The Madman

The actions of Donald Trump have gotten progressively more dangerous during his time in office. Monday he proved he is a madman and must be stopped. The Cabinet (what a joke!) won’t do it. Congress failed to and the blame lies with exclusively one political party. Only the voters can do it and we must. Let’s explore. Continue reading Only We Can Stop The Madman