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Progressive Sweeping LII

Timestamp: Early Tuesday afternoon.

OK, you got me. Today’s format is largely of personal convenience but I bet I’ll still justify the time you spend reading my column.

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Convergence. The coming together of things. “Things”, much like “stuff”; what convenient words. Over the past fortnight (including publishing day for this piece) I experienced a convergence of things and events through fortune not prowess and they all had an impact that I would like to share with you today.

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My Favorite “Job”

Beware: Of necessity this article will occasionally venture into R rated territory.          

Like most adults – for that matter anyone who is post-toddler – I have various and sometimes conflicting hats that I wear. Somewhere in college (probably Sociology 101; my oldest grandchildren’s intro level courses were much more specific and interesting than mine were) I learned the term “role conflict”. Basically it means you have multiple obligations which often will conflict. I am having one of those situations this summer. I also got to experience something because of a special part of the relationship I have with my oldest grandson. I promise this all makes sense and ties into contemporary American politics. Please come along and let’s explore. Continue reading My Favorite “Job”

The Endorsement Of Jacky Rosen

Often in politics it is the endorsements of friends that bring a candidate to my attention. That’s the whole point of endorsements, isn’t it? Jacky Rosen has previously garnered the endorsements of Elizabeth Warren, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Planned Parenthood, NARAL Pro-Choice America and Emily’s List. Is it any surprise that today she can add tellthetruthonthem.com? Continue reading The Endorsement Of Jacky Rosen

The Endorsement Of Claire McCaskill

Today’s article is another endorsement of what is generally considered to be a moderate Democratic Senate candidate running in a purple state. The reality is that any progressive and/or patriotic Missourian should vote to reelect Senator Claire McCaskill this November. Doubt me? Let’s explore. Continue reading The Endorsement Of Claire McCaskill