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I just added The Water Will Come by Jeff Goodall to the Recommended Reading Section.  It is simultaneously a cautious and informative tale of the dangers of sea level rise especially on a developed civilization (i.e. America).  Goodall struck the right balance of science and readability to benefit the vast majority of us who are not scientists.

The Endorsement Of Bob Casey

Time and space constraints prevent me from making endorsements in every race I find a worthy candidate in. This is a race I hadn’t intended to touch earlier this year. I felt the Democrat would win; not in a landslide but still win. Then Pennsylvania held their primaries and a dangerous Trump endorsed white supremacist extremist won the GOP nod. I could no longer remain silent and expect others to get the job done. Today tellthetruthonthem.com endorses a more progressive than you might think Senator Ben Casey, Jr. for reelection in the Keystone State.     Continue reading The Endorsement Of Bob Casey