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In Play And DeSantis Beats Trump?

I have yet to sit down and “game out” an Electoral College map for 2024. My Senate review/predictions to date have all been clearly denoted as preliminary and subject to change. That said, my thinking constantly evolves. Today I’ve got Florida on my mind.

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A 2024 Case For Rank Choice Voting

At first glance I’m going deep into the weeds today. After you read this, I think you will find that I’m just being practical. Perhaps a bit visonary, but practical. Tuesday Robert Kennedy, Jr. announced his Veep pick. It really doesn’t matter in that she has about as good a chance of becoming Vice President as I do and I’m not running. The reason she was picked has nothing to do with electability; it has everything to do with money and ballot access.

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It Would Take Two

There are several reforms I am in favor of. I’m somewhat undecided on the one I will review today. The Senate is by design an undemocratic institution. Truth be told it was one of the compromises the Founders made in order to get a constitution that could be adopted. History has proven not all of them to be wise. Is this among them? I’ll leave that discussion for another day.

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I’m Offended

I’m not one who minds his own business very well. I’m a cisgender male yet the attacks on women bother me deeply. I’m heterosexual but ditto for attacks on the LGBTQ+ community. I’m white but have a huge problem with racial discrimination and exploitation. I was born in Buffalo, New York and by virtue of the 14th Amendment am an American citizen yet I abhor the attacks on those who are here without benefits of birth or naturalized citizenship. (To be frank, much of the current GOP base doesn’t consider naturalized citizens to be citizens – unless they are related to Donald Trump by marriage that is.) I could go on but you get the idea and it sets the stage for today’s posting.

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And The ’24 Winner Is…

Tonight New Hampshire will announce the results of its 2024 Republican presidential primary. I’ll tell you winner right now; it will be Donald Trump. In the paragraphs below I’ll tell you who will win the general. Well, sort of anyway.

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