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Project 2025 Part One

When I decided I had to read Project 2025 I did not know how lengthy my comments would be. Would it be a single article or a series. Well, I’m less than 100 pages (out of over 900) into my reading and I already know it will be a series of, at this point, of yet to be determined duration. If I had to make an initial comment it is: this is worse than I imagined!

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Progressive Sweeping LXXXI

As is my practice I am writing this at least the day prior to publication. While I await the election results from France, I figured I’d do some catching up for my readers. Here we go.

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Progressive Sweeping LXXX

I knew one article would be woefully insufficient. Two certainly won’t do the trick but it will improve upon yesterday’s performance.

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Progressive Sweeping LXXV

If my goal was to completely clean out my notes, I am destined to fail but let’s see how much I can cover today without getting you to your point of disinterest.

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