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Follow The War Money

Perhaps the most famous phrase from Watergate is, “Follow the money.” Despite the reality that it was never uttered in connection with that scandal it is good advice when trying to analysis political goings-on. I want to do a bit of that today.

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2020 Books Of The Year

Back a few months ago I committed to naming a Book of the Year. Well, the choice wasn’t that simple.  For 2020 tellthetruthonthem.com is naming two Books of the Year: Capital and Ideology by Thomas Piketty along with The Splendid and the Vile by Erik Larson.  It’s almost as if the books won in separate divisions: the nerd and the regular divisions. Continue reading 2020 Books Of The Year


I just added Capital and Ideology by Thomas Piketty to the Recommended Reading list.   This latest work by the world acclaimed French economist  is very long.  In some ways it is more of an investment than a read.  For those who persevere they will be rewarded!  It is a fantastic exploration of inequity viewed through more than just an economic lens.

I am a bit jealous in that it is the all encompassing book I’d love to write but know I never will.

Last Minute Gift? Give Knowledge

When I talk to young people I tell them if by the time they are forty years old when they look in the mirror if they don’t see their best teacher they did something wrong. I’m not going to sell math short and I agree with the emphasis put on STEM but reading is far and away the most important academic skill. Basically, if you can read you can teach yourself almost anything. Continue reading Last Minute Gift? Give Knowledge