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Earth Day 2021

Today is Earth Day. Hopefully the majority of us will do something to help the Earth today. Some people will plant a tree(s), start a compost bin, or clean up an area. My days of vigorous physical action are close to over and I was never much of a protest person. My action is this article and a discussion I will join in tonight where I am certain to learn something(s).

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On Earth Day 2019

Today is Earth Day (and Dyngus Day for my readers in Poland along with all those who like me are ethnically Polish). One of the few regrets I have about leaving Buffalo is that Dyngus Day isn’t celebrated anywhere else I have lived. The only regret I have about working for President Obama’s 2012 campaign is that I passed up the opportunity to work with a group of graduate students and learn more about the environment. For the record I am celebrating Earth Day by attending a lecture this evening. Before that I’d like to share some thoughts on climate change with you. Let’s explore. Continue reading On Earth Day 2019