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Politics Can Be Fun(ny)

I take politics very seriously because I take policy and its repercussions very seriously. I have to admit components of it can be funny and occasionally the “game” can be fun. Much of the humor comes from weird candidates. Today I’d like to look at the recent past and what may be on our plates for this fall. Continue reading Politics Can Be Fun(ny)

Recounts And Reactions

To say I didn’t like many election results would be an understatement along the lines of saying Wilt Chamberlain was a tall man! The reality is that we had winners and losers and the winner has been determined in every major race. Yet there is a recount and mythology industry that seems to keep chugging along instead of Americans, including a sitting Republican Governor, simply accepting the people’s vote.   Continue reading Recounts And Reactions

Would You Buy A New Cadillac For $250?

As I write this column we are just over a fortnight away from Election Day 2016. While the presidential race has supplied me with an overabundance of material I’m ready for it to be over! Most Americans share that sentiment. This has been a particularly disgusting contest primarily consisting of personal attacks, lies and slime. The conversation has been almost totally devoid of policy issues. Coming from both progressive and patriotic perspectives I can’t wait to get rid of the threat of a possible President Trump. The reality is we are not getting rid of Donald Trump totally. However we can make Trump an avoidable annoyance instead of a danger. Continue reading Would You Buy A New Cadillac For $250?

It Matters!

So you don’t have warm and fuzzy feelings toward Hillary Clinton and you think Donald Trump is nuts. Well you are not alone but you still have an obligation to America and those you love. This frustration with the 2016 presidential candidates crosses generational lines but is most prevalent among younger votes including those eligible to vote for the presidency for the first time. Continue reading It Matters!