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Progressive Sweeping LXXII

Warning: Today’s article will walk right up to the “PG line” several times. Reader discretion advised.

I know it is not my fashion to publish a “clean up” article on a Sunday but I’m feeling particularly snarky today and there is plenty of material. I just hope against hope that I get it all in.

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The Endorsement Of Adam Schiff

I guess I could call today’s posting an endorsement by juxtaposition. Adam Schiff, who is currently running for the United States Senate from California is both hated by Donald Trump and Kevin McCarthy and endorsed by Nancy Pelosi. You could take it from there but I’ll write a bit more.

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A Song And A Poll

“In olden days a glimpse of stocking was looked on as something shocking. Now, Heaven knows, anything goes.” Those are the opening words of the 1967 song, Anything Goes, as performed by Harper’s Bizarre. I’ll expand on that below and juxtapose it with a recent poll.

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Fight Then Flight

It is Monday morning as I pen this and Donald Trump’s criminal trial is about to begin in New York City. I expect this to be a long, drawn-out affair with tons of coverage, most of which will not be worth paying attention to. There is amble speculation as to the outcome and I’d like to look at a seldom considered ending.

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Timestamp: Sunday morning

I haven’t written a lot about the situation in the Middle East but I’ve far from ignored it. It is certainly dynamic, hence the timestamp. October 7th didn’t occur in a vacuum but it was a game changer. This weekend’s Iranian attack on Israel will prove to be another inflection point, but there was one heck of an overture. With all that in mind I’d like to propose the outline of a path forward from an American perspective.

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