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Why WHO?

On the surface a reasonable question to ask is why Donald Trump went after the WHO. I think I have some of the answers and he is neither smart enough nor knowledgeable enough to have thought of them alone, so somebody did it for him. Let’s explore. Continue reading Why WHO?

A Futile Attempt At Distillation

Some days you are faced with an impossible mission. Today is one of those days for me. I want to distill all the “dangling participles” I have from about the last fortnight into a single article. I will not be successful. This reminds me of a story from my first year of coaching at the college level. We had a weekend road game against a team that ended up playing for the national championship that year. Our club was not very good; the Athletic Director (AD) had fired the head coach earlier that week and named me as the interim head coach. I had had only one practice with the team between the firing and departing. As we boarded the vans his final instructions to me were, “Keep the spread to 50”. In other words if he expected us to lose and any loss by less than 50 points was fine with him. (We lost by 30 and I did not use any delay tactics.) With all that in mind, let’s explore.     Continue reading A Futile Attempt At Distillation

Some Presidents’ Day Thoughts

Today is Presidents’ Day, one of those national holidays that sneak up on you mainly because most people don’t get to celebrate it. Unless you are in education, finance or government there is a good chance it is just another working Monday. If you are a senior citizen like me you remember when we had both Lincoln’s and Washington’s birthdays off every February. With winters as cold and snowy as they were in Western New York those two February Mondays off from school were very welcome in my youth! In any event I thought of another plausible ending for the current Presidency and I thought today might be an appropriate day to share it. Come along. Continue reading Some Presidents’ Day Thoughts

Too Much For One Day

It is Saturday morning January 5, 2019 as I pen this and return to my version of “live blogging” having taken the last few weeks off. To say a lot happened while I was “away” is a huge understatement. 2019 commenced with an unnecessary government shutdown in progress, the almost certain promise of a presidential impeachment and what I feel are the first signs of a worldwide economic recession triggered by the American economy. I’m certain I will be incomplete but let’s explore. Continue reading Too Much For One Day

Some Of What I Missed

As I mentioned in yesterday’s article I was away for a week or so. A lot happened during that time period and I’d like to comment on some of it today. Let’s explore. Continue reading Some Of What I Missed