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GOP, Your Pillar Is Showing

I have long maintained that one of the three pillars holding up the modern version of the Republican party is the promotion of ignorance. There are undoubtedly more, but today I’ll juxtapose just two recent actions that prove me correct.

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Lack Of Diversity?

Tonight the Democrats are holding their sixth debate of the 2020 campaign in Los Angles. As of this writing with hours to go before the field is set seven candidates have qualified. They are: Joe Biden, Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar, Bernie Sanders, Tom Steyer, Elizabeth Warren and Andrew Yang. Of the six candidates I feel have at least an outside shot at the nomination only Corry Booker did not make the cut. Some are making a big deal out of the fact that the field lacks diversity. My reply is: Are you serious? Let’s explore. Continue reading Lack Of Diversity?