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Not Yet (But Almost Undoubtedly Later)

To paraphrase George Orwell the three branches of the federal government are equal but in reality the Supreme Court is more equal. The legislative branch can pass a bill, the President can sign it into law and the Supreme Court can then invalidate it – pretty much end of story. Continue reading Not Yet (But Almost Undoubtedly Later)

A Banking Story


I started today’s posting with a disclaimer. My first real job was in banking although the transactions I dealt with were much more pedestrian and never reached nine figures left of the decimal point. The plot is ripped straight from today’s headlines. My hope is that my financial expertise and education may help many of my readers to understand just how feasible international money laundering transactions are if you have a few unscrupulous characters and banks involved. If everyone involved stays quiet it is difficult to expose unless you have a talented team trying to unravel it. Say a team like Robert Mueller has assembled. Please join me and read on. Continue reading A Banking Story