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Of Markets And Mayhem

It is early Tuesday morning as I pen this and the stock markets are up just a tad after a disastrous day yesterday. My assumption is that some bargain hunting is going on. As my regular readers know I regard the stock market as mainly a gambling casino for rich boys (often using other people’s money) and a poor barometer of the overall economy. It’s kind of like evaluating the economy by the size of the Powerball jackpot. With that “disclaimer” given let’s explore. Continue reading Of Markets And Mayhem

We Don’t Know Yet, But…

It’s Saturday morning as I pen this and the news media is filled with speculation portrayed as reporting on the Mueller Report. The reality is that we know precious little about it. The media became aware of its being delivered to Attorney General Bill Barr about 5pm Friday which they erroneously keep reporting that it dropped. If you follow the few facts we know it actually dropped a bit earlier in the day. I strongly feel that one way or another we will know most everything contained in the report with the possible exception of classified material (which may or may not be in there) and possibly grand jury testimony that functions as supporting documentation. But there were many other things that occurred lately that I haven’t touched on. Let’s explore some of them in the following paragraphs while we wait for the Mueller report to begin to leak/be made public. Continue reading We Don’t Know Yet, But…

The Lowest Bar

By the standard I set for this presidency it has been successful. Before you fly off the handle please reread the preceding sentence carefully. The only standard for success I set for Donald Trump was that he didn’t get us into a nuclear war. My reasoning was that the country (minus some people who have died or will die in the process) would eventually survive any other harm he brought our way. That is an unbelievably low bar and to date this administration has barely managed to clear it. Let’s explore.    Continue reading The Lowest Bar

Let’s See Now

Late last week in London with the international press assembled President Trump called the Mueller investigation a, “Rigged witch hunt.” His very clear implication is that it is merely politically motivated theatrics meant to undermine him and his administration. Let’s explore. Continue reading Let’s See Now

A Different Feeling

The 4th of July (as most Americans call Independence Day) has been my favorite holiday since I can remember. I have always liked it better than Christmas, my birthday or any other cause for celebration. Perhaps it was because I grew up in Buffalo loving baseball and it was the one holiday where the odds were in favor of baseball weather. The fond memories continued into adulthood, my first date with my wife was on a 4th of July many years ago. This year it just doesn’t feel the same and it’s all because Donald Trump is President. Let’s explore. Continue reading A Different Feeling