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My President Is Not Very Sharp But…

From what we can tell President Trump has basically been a liar at least his entire adult life. You would think after all these decades he would be good at it. Unless you have a mental problem or are willfully ignorant you have to admit that he isn’t. Let’s explore. Continue reading My President Is Not Very Sharp But…

Another Swamp Scandal

I guess in a lot of ways I’m like most consumers of American political news. OK, perhaps a little more obsessed. Well, a lot more obsessed. In any event several times a week an item comes to my attention that really riles me. That occurred again last Friday and I wanted to discuss it with you today. Continue reading Another Swamp Scandal

I’m Not Quite Certain

Not for the first time the inspiration for an article are the first two lines to the Buffalo Springfield 1966 hit, For What It Is Worth.

There’s something happening here,

What it is ain’t exactly clear

Trump is up to something and I’m not quite certain what it is. Let’s explore. Continue reading I’m Not Quite Certain

Another Stab At It

It seems like I make an attempt to catch up on the sins of the Trump administration about once a week. I am never completely successful. Today I’ll take another stab at it. Let’s explore. Continue reading Another Stab At It

The Heart Of The Matter (Pun Intended And Explained)

“What you gonna do when everybody’s insane.” That is a line from Heart’s 1976 hit Crazy on You. When I heard it the other morning I thought, what a perfect explanation for the situation Nancy Pelosi is in trying to negotiate with Trump and his minions. As it so happens the song was co-written by the group’s stars, sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson. Unfortunately Nancy is the blond and Ann is the one with dark hair. That was still more than a sufficient setup to satisfy me; now on to exploring the politics.       Continue reading The Heart Of The Matter (Pun Intended And Explained)