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Canadian Omen

Bachman-Turner Overdrive’s 1974 hit You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet, written by Canadian Randy Bachman, keeps going through my mind this morning. I’m thinking of Trump and 1/6; certainly not grammar. I base almost all of my writing on fact; today it’s gut.

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Little Bits About A Lot of Things

There are so many things happening in politics that I would like to comment on. Today I’d like to do one of my incomplete “catch up” articles. Let’s explore. Continue reading Little Bits About A Lot of Things

Some Quickies

I just wanted to do some quick hits on a number of topics in my notes and inbox – that’s my come up filing system for writing. Hopefully I’ll make you scratch your head and/or chuckle a time or more as you read this. Let’s explore. Continue reading Some Quickies

America A. T. – Part Eight

The following is the eighth installment in a series of undetermined duration and frequency about life in America after Trump (A.T.). Many departments will need to be rebuilt after Trump is gone; none more so than the State Department. Let’s take a brief look at that today. Continue reading America A. T. – Part Eight

My President Is Not Very Sharp But…

From what we can tell President Trump has basically been a liar at least his entire adult life. You would think after all these decades he would be good at it. Unless you have a mental problem or are willfully ignorant you have to admit that he isn’t. Let’s explore. Continue reading My President Is Not Very Sharp But…