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Silly, Silly, Sly

Today I want to discuss the debt ceiling. I promise it won’t be as nerdy as it sounds. However, there is part of it that will make you feel like you took a trip to the butcher shop and are watching the sausage being made. Today’s title is a basic outline of the article. (The first silly may actually be a kind choice of words.)

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At A Fork

It is Tuesday morning September 28, 2021 as I tap the keys of a computer’s keyboard to write this op-ed (yes, I still call them that). I see America at a crossroads with simultaneously much promise and much peril. There is no way I can cover all that in a few paragraphs – it would easily take volumes – but I’ll give it a go. Please come along for the brief ride.

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Before I Sweep

Today’s will be another of the catch up variety articles. Usually I refer to items left on the cutting room floor. Here we go with what didn’t fall that far. Continue reading Before I Sweep

Money Thoughts

Some of my favorite articles to write deal with the economy. Today I’d like to take a very brief look at three issues that could be filed under fiscal policy. We seem to debate the heck out of them in America yet the solutions are simple.

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Not The Article You Expected

Today is the day after Election Day or perhaps more accurately the day after the 2020 voting season ended in America. I’m sure most readers expected some sort of analysis. I’m writing this almost a week prior to publishing because I don’t expect definitive results on the presidential race or control of the Senate on election night. Therefore I decided to write a political but non-2020 election related article about a practice that America needs to eliminate regardless of who is in Washington, DC – the debt ceiling. At best it is redundant; at worse it is dangerous. Let’s explore.   Continue reading Not The Article You Expected