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You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet…And You Won’t

Please pardon the grammar in the title but today is another one of those musically inspired days. I picked the title and lyrics Randy Bachman wrote for Bachman-Turner Overdrive’s 1974 number one hit You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet. Let’s explore how this late 20th century rocker’s words portends America’s early 21st century gun problem. Continue reading You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet…And You Won’t

Mr. President/Mr. Sledge?

Too often we attribute Donald Trump’s takeover of the Republican Party to the large number of racists in its base. That is certainly a major factor but far from the only one. Today I want to explore the exploitive (and often deep pocketed) part of the Party which Trump certainly represents. All we have to do is look at the last ten days of events in America to see illustrations of both phenomenon and their compatibility within today’s GOP. Let’s explore. Continue reading Mr. President/Mr. Sledge?

A Warning And An Explanation

It is late Tuesday afternoon as I pen this. Guns are the dominant political topic and I expect they will be through at least the weekend. You will hear a lot of talk from Republicans and much of it will be insincere. I want to warn you what to look for and explain why I use certain verbiage. Let’s explore. Continue reading A Warning And An Explanation

Nothing Is Going To Happen

I will commence and conclude today’s article with the same phrase: Nothing is going to happen. Both are a prediction and I fear I am correct. Let’s explore. Continue reading Nothing Is Going To Happen