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What Can I Do About It?

I had an entirely different plan for today’s article then I read Dana Milbank’s opinion piece in Wednesday morning’s Washington Post entitled, Koch Industries’ valentine to Vladimir Putin. The title of today’s post is a question; its last paragraph is the answer. Continue reading What Can I Do About It?

Me Is Part Of We

The grammar of this article’s title is terrible but that was the way I envision and wanted to communicate the underlying message which I feel expresses the core value of being an American. The individual is just part of the collection and we have a moral obligation to think of the group above what benefits or impacts us personally. With that in mind, let’s explore. Continue reading Me Is Part Of We

An Early Peak At The 2020 Senate Races

We are past Thanksgiving as I write this and past both Christmas and New Year’s as you read it. It’s the time for Senate retirement announcements along with declarations of candidacy for the presidency; both will impact the 2020 Senate elections. For the first business day of 2019 I’d like to offer a premature peak. Let’s explore. Continue reading An Early Peak At The 2020 Senate Races

Fascism: A Warning

One of the nice things about being your own boss is that to a great degree you get to set the policies. Another is that you get to make an occasional exception to them. Today is the first exception to my policy on adding books to the Recommended Reading List. What I generally do is post a brief special notice that includes a comment or two about the book just added. Today I am dedicating an entire article to Madeleine Albright’s Fascism: A Warning. That is how huge an impression it made on me and how much I suggest you consider reading it. Continue reading Fascism: A Warning

Al Gore – The Last Patriot?

Perhaps it is a function of my age, but it seems like only yesterday that America was living through the immediate aftermath of the 2000 election unsure of whom the President would be in a matter of weeks. With the benefit of hindsight a patriotic hero arose and put the good of the nation ahead of his own. Do such patriots exist today? Let’s explore. Continue reading Al Gore – The Last Patriot?