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Just In Case You Missed It

This is another one of my catch up articles. It seems they are coming with greater frequency as it is impossible to cover all the transgressions of Trump and his sycophants. Sadly these are becoming my most important articles and they are still inadequate. Let’s explore. Continue reading Just In Case You Missed It

If The President Does It…

The Trump presidency has shown me the inadequacies of my talents. The only way to cover this administration in anything resembling a comprehensive manner would be to write a book a week. I simple lack that talent and capacity. What is old is once again new seems to fit part of what we saw unfold last week. With all that in mind, let’s explore. Continue reading If The President Does It…

Justifiable Treason? No Resign!

Trump has no reasonable legal defense against the mounting evidence of his crimes. Should, as expected, the Democrats take back the House in November his only hope is the court of public opinion influencing the Senate not to convict him in an impeachment proceeding. (Should he go before a court of law it is another matter entirely.) In my opinion his strategy has a slim chance of success, but when you are down seven with seconds to go you throw the Hail Mary. Let’s explore. Continue reading Justifiable Treason? No Resign!