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Trump Is Today’s GOP

Ever since I was a little boy growing up in suburban Buffalo, New York the Fourth of July, as we called it, was my favorite holiday. The boy can age into an old man and you can move him to another part of the country but in my case the favorite holiday hasn’t changed. Today I want to invite you along for a bit of fiction based on contemporary American politics.

Please note: The following is a work of political fiction. Continue reading Trump Is Today’s GOP

Concern For Human Life And Other Lies

Last week President Trump called off a missile attack on Iran with ten minutes to spare reportedly over the concern for human lives that would have been lost. I find that both difficult to believe and not in keeping with his character. Let’s explore. Continue reading Concern For Human Life And Other Lies

Only Two Sides

Saturday will live in American history as Charlottesville ’17. Historians will write books about it. I’m not sure if in its final analysis it will be a dark moment that turned a tide for some good like Selma or for evil like Kristallnacht. This much I do know: our President missed an opportunity! Let’s explore. Continue reading Only Two Sides

Would You?

For today’s article I decided a little comic relief might be in order. I will ponder a theory that is being floated out there, ask a few questions. After the exercise in humor and satire concludes I will ask one very serious question. Here we go. Continue reading Would You?

The Glass Donald Dome

Some time ago I wrote about the bubble Donald Trump appears to live in. It is very nice (if you are The Donald). Everyone calls you Mr. Trump and caters to your every whim and desire. You have seemingly unlimited money and really nice toys like jet airplanes. You even have your own version of reality. In the Donald Dome everyone believes your lies; in the real world it is a different story. Continue reading The Glass Donald Dome