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Progressive Sweeping LXIV

I know I’ll never cover all I’d like to so I won’t waste much space on today’s intro.

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So Long Tucker

Caution: In the second paragraph an inference is made to a word that violates the PG standards.

It may not be nice to gloat about other people’s misfortunes but I’m doing so as I write this (very early Monday afternoon). Extremely late this morning I received news that Tucker Carlson and Fox News were no more. I’ll expand on my choice of words below. A weird thought: If those tales I was told as a child of Purgatory are in fact true, I guess I’ll do a little bit more time in that sin bin (hey, a rare hockey reference) for this article.

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Risk Getting Wet

Friday the SS Trump (perhaps to be more accurate the BS Trump) took another torpedo. In this metaphor the Trump campaign is a sinking ship and establishment elected Republicans or those who plan to run for office in the future would be well advised to abandon ship. Let’s look at that today. Continue reading Risk Getting Wet

Before I Exit The Door

Unlike most bloggers, (I dislike the term, it sounds like someone vomited), I very seldom immediately post what I write. Normally I write it the day before or at least only a few days ahead of publishing. However my wife and I are taking some well-deserved time to travel over the first ten to twelve or so days of September and this will be the last relatively live article of mine you will read until September 14th. In the spirit of “cleaning up” I decided instead of dedicating an article to a single topic I would make a series of short observations and/or comments. Continue reading Before I Exit The Door