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The Extrajudicial AG

Texas has one of the most, if not the most, restrictive and vindictive abortion laws in America. A woman was able to get a judge to issue an extremely narrow stay of the law so that she could obtain a medically necessary abortion. Almost immediately thereafter Texas Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton issued an edict that any physician who performed the abortion or any hospital that allowed the physician to would be subject to criminal prosecution. I did not go to law school but the way I understand it the state AG is under the law, not the arbiter of it.

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The GOP: The Party That Refuses To Save Itself

Ken Paxton has been returned to the office of Attorney General of Texas by a bunch of cowardly Republican Texas State Senators. Donald Trump was not rendered ineligible for public office by a bunch of cowardly Republican United States Senators. See the pattern? I can’t predict exactly how or when but the GOP will either go the way of the Whigs or be unrecognizably transformed. The question is whether they will be the vehicle of their own salvation or, as they have been to this point, collaborators in a political suicide.

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Progressive Sweeping XLII

Every time I commence a catch-up article, I know I’m destined to not cover everything that deserves coverage let alone every topic that I’d like to cover. Destined for failure; here I go. Please come along with me.

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Much More Important

On June 20, 2021 Forget the Alamo: The Rise and Fall of an American Myth by Bryan Burrough, Chris Tomlinson and Jason Stafford was released. I bought it that morning and read it over the next few days. I thought the book was very good but I must admit I really never cared about the Alamo all that much. The main reason I read it was because I knew my local independent bookseller, who has become an important personal friend, would be fascinated by it. Well, I think I failed to look beyond the obvious and the book has become much, much more important in the short interim.

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