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Trump Had His Best Week In Office (And It Was Still Terrible)

Last week was Donald Trump’s best as President. Don’t think I have lost it or if you are a Trump supporter who accidentally stumbled upon this site that I’m cheerleading for him. Please allow me to explain. Continue reading Trump Had His Best Week In Office (And It Was Still Terrible)

Stars Were Born

Huge events are often the launching pads that take the relatively obscure and elevate them to star status. In politics few events are larger than American presidential campaigns. 2016 was no exception. I’d like to discuss a few people who ended up in the right place at the right time. Continue reading Stars Were Born

A Big Picture Conclusion

Unlike most bloggers I don’t write and publish immediately. This is especially true when I deal with shootings and terrorist events. I have learned that the initial reports and reality often have much more of a gap than I am comfortable with. I’m not criticizing the media. They try and do the best they can. It’s just as things quickly unfold some accounts are later found to be less than totally accurate. I moved another article to a future publishing date in order to accommodate today’s comments. My topic today is the shootings in Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Falcon Heights, Minnesota and Dallas, Texas. Continue reading A Big Picture Conclusion