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Moralists, Liars And Toadies

Recently the importance of a functioning federal government has come into the consciousness of most Americans for the first time in their lives; for those of us with a few more laps around the track, for the first time since the Cuban Missile Crisis. The government, like any other organization, is composed of people. A lot of them showed their true stripes in recent days; unfortunately the majority of the revelations weren’t all that pleasing. Let’s explore. Continue reading Moralists, Liars And Toadies

English Comprehension Is A Wonderful Thing In America

Attorney General Bill Barr’s initial “book report” on the Mueller Report came out Sunday. Within an hour President Trump was illustrating his lack of English comprehension skills and doing what he does best – lying. Let’s explore. Continue reading English Comprehension Is A Wonderful Thing In America

Trump’s Batting Average

Last Saturday Andrew Brunson returned to the United States after spending about the last twenty years in Turkey. The last two were spent as a prisoner of Turkish President Recep Erdogan’s regime. Most of that time was spent under house arrest, not in a Turkish prison. The more time that passes the more this looks like a ruse on the part of both Erdogan and American President Donald Trump. Let’s explore.   Continue reading Trump’s Batting Average

Maybe It’s Capo Trump

I have compared the Trump administration to an organized criminal enterprise on many occasions. I have gone as far as to call the President “Don Trump”. (That was not used as the familiar form of his first name.) Perhaps I gave him too high of a rank. Let’s explore. Continue reading Maybe It’s Capo Trump

What The Hamilton!

Today is the 53rd anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Last weekend the big political controversy was the President-elect’s reaction to comments made during the curtain call following a performance of the hit show Hamilton. Let’s compare how the two individuals performed under “pressure”. (I will explain the use of quotation marks later in this piece.) Continue reading What The Hamilton!