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Two Of Understanding And One Of Wisdom

I read a lot. Some people, (including my wife, and she may well be correct), say too much. In any event in the course of all that reading I run across pearls of wisdom. Recently I ran across three that I want to expound on today.

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Yes, They Are Less Than Bright

Assignment: Write Sunday’s article. Standard Operating Procedure: Make the biggest American political story of the week just ended your subject matter. This week I decided on a different approach; a more general theme. Instead of a single story I will use a link between all of them – well, some anyway, I’ll never cover them all – Republican stupidity.

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What Are We “Leaving On the Table”?

I admit that I am very much influenced by what I read. I just finished reading Class, by Stephanie Land. It won’t make the Recommended Reading List; it not that kind of book. However, it did make me think about something I often push to the back burner of my mind and sans answers that’s what I’d like to (incompletely I fear) discuss with you today. Continue reading What Are We “Leaving On the Table”?

The Other Vaccine

The COVID vaccines have mostly done their job, in America and other wealthy nations anyway. Unless there is a more dangerous mutation, COVID’s threat is now manageable. In America there is another large threat to health and beyond. It is the Republican party. It is not hyperbole to say it is just as deadly; in fact a case can be made that it kills many more Americans. What we desperately need is a vaccine against it. The most interesting thing is that the vaccine already exists, and is both widely available and affordable. What it is may surprise you. Read on to discover.

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Progressive Sweeping XXVIII

Today is a perfect day for me to do one of my catchup articles. The compelling reason for that will become apparent in tomorrow’s posting. So here we go.

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