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Over Coffee And A Donut

Over the years I’ve had many conversations about term limits for members of congress. The catalyst for the latest one was frustration over where we stood a few hours before I penned this on Monday morning. It appears that a best case scenario is that an eleventh hour agreement resulting in a CR that  would keep the government open until some new self-imposed deadline. Keep in mind a budget was due back in September of 2023 and our best hope is to again kick the can further down the road and operate under an extended 2022 agreement. Few, if any, employers would tolerate that kind of job performance from their employees and few, if any, educators would pass a student with a similar performance.

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Another Bad Punt And More To Come

Unlike many of my readers I didn’t spend much time watching football this season, but I do have a fan’s understanding of the game. (Unlike most football fans I am willing to admit the limitations of my knowledge of the game.) For the most part a punt is the admission that your offense sputtered. In the NFL you accomplish a punt without the aid of the other team. The House Republicans haven’t even reached that level of competency.

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What’s Going On In Your House

Timestamp: Monday morning, Martin Luther King Day

As I pen this another possible government shutdown looms. The current House Speaker, Mike Johnson, is part of a leadership agreement on a budget (which is already months late – students try that in your school work. No don’t, I’m only being sarcastic!) The most radical of the House GOP members are floating the idea of firing Johnson, like they did Kevin McCarthy, for his agreeing to keep the government open. That agreement doesn’t look like it will get across the finish line and the most viable alternative I’ve heard kicked around is another continuing resolution (CR) with a two-pronged end date. Instead of working on getting the government funded a significant portion of the House GOP is either trying to impeach President Biden and/or a significant number of the members of his Cabinet all without cause or proof of impeachable offenses. In addition to that it appears at least two female GOP House members, (Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia and Nancy Mace of South Carolina), are obsessed with Hunter Biden’s genitalia. (Do you know how difficult it is to keep this PG sometimes?) Oh, and that isn’t even the primary catalyst for today’s rant.

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The Office GOP Style

At the orders of Donald Trump – and make no mistake that was the genesis of the gambit – the Office of the Speaker of the House was vacated by the House membership for the first time in American history. That isn’t the only game Republicans have been playing with offices and it didn’t start this week.

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Perhaps Only Temporarily, But Putin Won

Timestamp: Sunday very early afternoon.

Among other reasons, you may see timestamps on a lot of my articles over the next few weeks because I’m rather busy in my personal life and am writing even further ahead of publishing than I normally do.

At the eleventh-hour Congress passed and President Biden signed a 45-day continuing resolution (CR) keeping the lights on in the federal government. A lot of people are claiming victory and celebrating like they actually achieved something. Because of my background, I like sports analogies. This is like someone stepping into the batter’s box, not hitting a walk off home run in the bottom of the ninth, with the score tied, to win a championship. This is just the basics. Kind of like unlocking the store’s door at whatever opening time is in the morning.

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