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What Next?

I’ll admit I’m caught up in the DC parlor game of speculating now that the Trump Shutdown 3.0 is over what happens after February 15th. I certainly don’t have a definitive answer, but I have theory worth exploring. Please come along. Continue reading What Next?

Too Much For One Day

It is Saturday morning January 5, 2019 as I pen this and return to my version of “live blogging” having taken the last few weeks off. To say a lot happened while I was “away” is a huge understatement. 2019 commenced with an unnecessary government shutdown in progress, the almost certain promise of a presidential impeachment and what I feel are the first signs of a worldwide economic recession triggered by the American economy. I’m certain I will be incomplete but let’s explore. Continue reading Too Much For One Day

When Chuck And Nancy Schooled Donald

President Trump fancies himself as a master dealmaker. Tuesday afternoon he illustrated that he hasn’t even reached the apprentice level. Hopefully he learned from the lessons Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and soon to again be Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi taught him on live TV. Let’s explore. Continue reading When Chuck And Nancy Schooled Donald

H W’s last Victory?

Saturday we awoke to the news that former President George H.W. Bush had died. There will be a memorial service for the late President Bush at the National Cathedral in Washington DC on Wednesday. Friday the federal government is slated to run out of money. Although this juxtaposition of facts has gotten little press it may have a major impact on America in 2018 and 2019. Let’s explore. Continue reading H W’s last Victory?

Can The GOP Survive Trump Until November?

It is a rainy Monday morning in metro Raleigh as I begin to write this article. That is probably reflective of the mood in the halls of power of the national GOP. They spent a good part of last week trying to put out fires caused by Trump and the Tea Party only to have Trump start another on Sunday with a tweet. Let’s explore. Continue reading Can The GOP Survive Trump Until November?