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Hypothesis Largely Disproven

Todays will be one of the less exciting but more scientific (as in political science) articles. If you are looking for entertainment I suggest you look elsewhere today. If you want to explore the political asset allocation process please read on. Continue reading Hypothesis Largely Disproven

More Than Enough

I’m writing this Friday morning for Sunday publication and portraying it as the biggest political story of the preceding week. Some may say that is bold and downright dangerous considering the velocity of news in recent days. I think there is plenty of material for an article and also more than a sufficient amount of evidence to justify the impeachment of Donald Trump by the House and his subsequent removal from office by the Senate. Let’s explore.   Continue reading More Than Enough

Posteriors In Prison

There have been a few notable versions of the Two Americas speech in recent political history. Barack Obama’s 2004 keynote address to the Democratic National Convention in Boston arguably enabled his presidency.   It is a different “two Americas” that I want to write about today. Let’s explore. Continue reading Posteriors In Prison

Lone Virgin In A House Of Ill Repute

Baring something really huge happening the big story of last week occurred on Monday morning with the announcement of a guilty plea and two other indictments of three Trump confederates. Inside the Donald Dome it was a very different story. The scary part is that a small but significant portion of the Republican primary electorate actually believes the malarkey coming out of the White House.  Let’s explore. Continue reading Lone Virgin In A House Of Ill Repute

Which End Of The Horse?

Sunday Donald Trump announced his first two appointments and the controversy continues. While some 4,000 people will be hired at the President-elect’s discretion most of the high profile ones will require Senate confirmation; these two did not. Trump had a completely free hand in them and they may give us a glimpse into what a Trump presidency will look like. The crystal ball is still hazy. Nonetheless let’s gaze into it together. Continue reading Which End Of The Horse?