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More Than The Presidency

The race for the White House has garnered most of the political news coverage but equally important (and arguably more important) is control of the Senate. Today I’d like to give you a less than crystal clear look at what that looks like. Let’s explore. Continue reading More Than The Presidency

11 To Get 3, 4 or 5*

Today’s article is one of those political operative perspective articles I love to write. As such it, like a poll, has the constraint of being a snapshot in time. Additionally it was written several days ahead of publishing in order to accommodate a personal commitment. Those two shortcomings not withstanding I think it will be well worth your time. Let’s explore. Continue reading 11 To Get 3, 4 or 5*

Clichés, Collaboration And Strategy

What do you get when you put together a conservative Republican operative and a progressive Democratic political junkie in a sort of collaboration, seasoned with clichés? The answer is the roadmap for a big Democratic win in 2020 and this article. I’ll explain. Let’s explore. Continue reading Clichés, Collaboration And Strategy

Impeachment II: A Three Act Play

Perhaps the fact that I saw a play last night has affected my choice of titles, but the reasoning behind this posting is pure politics and patriotism. Let’s explore. Continue reading Impeachment II: A Three Act Play

Who Had The Best Weekend?

Today’s title is a question that I intend to answer in the third last paragraph. In the process you will have to grant me a bit of leeway in my definition of the term “weekend”. Since I was a child I always thought of Friday as the beginning of the weekend. There were a variety of reasons –which I won’t bore you with – they evolved as I got older, but the basic premise of my reasoning remained. With that in mind let’s explore.   Continue reading Who Had The Best Weekend?