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A Dozen Reasons To Vote For Trump And Republicans This Year

Notice: In order to quote the President accurately I had to include a word that is a derivative of one of the late George Carlin’s seven dirty words.

I spend so much time telling people reasons not to vote for Donald Trump and his Republican sycophants that I thought I’d devote an article to reasons to vote for them. I believe Shakespeare called it comic relief. We could all use some so let’s explore. Continue reading A Dozen Reasons To Vote For Trump And Republicans This Year

Federal Government For Sale

I have long held that the biggest problem in American politics is the undue influence of money in it. I readily admit that I am a partisan – I will make no apologies for my intelligence or education – but this transcends partisanship. Donald Trump has exacerbated the problem via the organized criminal enterprise he calls an administration. A recent Washington Post article highlighted it and is the catalyst for today’s article. Let’s explore.   Continue reading Federal Government For Sale

One Week Out And Thus Far

One week from tonight the first day of the two day first round of the 2020 Democratic Presidential Debates will commence. I thought today would be a good time to get my two cents in on the debates and also do a periodic review of the campaign to date. Let’s explore. Continue reading One Week Out And Thus Far

Another Stab At It

It seems like I make an attempt to catch up on the sins of the Trump administration about once a week. I am never completely successful. Today I’ll take another stab at it. Let’s explore. Continue reading Another Stab At It

2020 Democrats – Old Boys & Girls


By any measure I am aware of I qualify as a senior citizen. In what may seem as a contradiction to that I am among the many who think that the Democratic Party’s leadership is too old. Today I continue the series with a look at four people who are in the mix of possible 2020 Democratic presidential candidates: Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. Given the opportunity I think any of them would be a good, and possibly great, President of the United States. That said I hope they all decide not to run and I am willing to bet I am incorrect in two if not three of the cases. Let’s explore. Continue reading 2020 Democrats – Old Boys & Girls