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Is Anyone In Congress Listening?

As my regular readers know I’ve been complaining about the Supreme Court for much longer than the last week. In fact, along with climate change and the right wing domestic terrorism, the Court is one of the biggest challenges to American. My question, as posed in today’s title is: Is anyone in Congress listening?

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The What?

OK, quick now: Who is the Archivist of the United States? Now you know why this article is entitled “The What?”. Today’s article will not only answer that question but give you something to ponder. Let’s explore. Continue reading The What?

Some Of What I Missed

As I mentioned in yesterday’s article I was away for a week or so. A lot happened during that time period and I’d like to comment on some of it today. Let’s explore. Continue reading Some Of What I Missed

Tar Heel Travesties

The line between state and national politics is sometimes a thin one in America. I try to primarily write about national politics because that is where I am the most knowledgeable and my primary interest lies. Today I’m going to concentrate on my home state of North Carolina. Since 2011 the Tar Heel state has been home to many of the most egregious transgression but it is not alone. Let’s explore.   Continue reading Tar Heel Travesties

The Endorsement Of Jacky Rosen

Often in politics it is the endorsements of friends that bring a candidate to my attention. That’s the whole point of endorsements, isn’t it? Jacky Rosen has previously garnered the endorsements of Elizabeth Warren, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Planned Parenthood, NARAL Pro-Choice America and Emily’s List. Is it any surprise that today she can add tellthetruthonthem.com? Continue reading The Endorsement Of Jacky Rosen