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The Who Didn’t Speak Spoke The Loudest

As I pen this the closing arguments in the Trump hush money trial are going on. I’d have never made it to the jury and I haven’t been paying as close of attention as many others but I already know everything I need to.

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Courting Disaster

I like to make the big political story of the week just ended the subject of my Sunday article. Mitch McConnell announced his retirement from Senate leadership last week and that is not the big story tells you how big the big one is. Oh, the federal government narrowly avoiding a shutdown – and I have more to say about that in the future! – has become so commonplace under this dysfunctional Republican-led House that it doesn’t come close to making the cut.

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The Apprentice President

Normally I hope President Trump reads my postings. I doubt he will like them but perhaps he will comprehend them sufficiently to learn something. Today is an exception because one of my biggest fears is probably the best thing he could do to lengthen the organized criminal enterprise he calls an administration. Let’s explore. Continue reading The Apprentice President