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Bring It!

On Sunday March 24th President Trump’s sycophant Attorney General Bill Barr issued his infamous book report proclaiming Trump innocent of conspiracy (or collusion as the right calls it) and obstruction of justice. A significant portion of the American electorate was fooled into accepting the book report and feels no need to read the book. That put Trump on the biggest sugar high of his presidency. In less than 48 hours Trump confounded political strategists on both sides of the aisle by declaring war on Obamacare. Let’s explore. Continue reading Bring It!

Trump And Company Are Not Guilty Of Collusion; But

If current American political events are confusing you a bit you are not alone. So much is happening so rapidly that it is difficult to keep up with. Compounding that situation is the fact that President Trump, his mouthpieces and enablers are telling so many lies and are constantly shifting their “explanations”. Over the next few paragraphs I’ll try and put a few things in perspective for you. Let’s explore. Continue reading Trump And Company Are Not Guilty Of Collusion; But

Three Things To Keep In Mind

Focusing on the signals and not getting distracted by the noise is imperative if you are going to correctly analyze events especially with the Trump administration and the Mueller probe. The first thing to do is remember that at its core this is just another scandal and the way to follow the events is to concentrate on three main things which I will expend on below. Let’s explore. Continue reading Three Things To Keep In Mind


As I write this article the talking heads on television are battling over the significance or lack thereof of the competing memos. In reality they will be lucky to be footnotes in history when the final story of Russiagate is told. The saddest part is that this conversation is reducing media coverage of serious issues like mass shootings, DACA, climate change and social injustice and in doing so plays right into the hands of evil doers like the Trump administration. Speaking of the organized criminal enterprise in the White House, they spin all this as vindication. They are effectively claiming victory at halftime. Let’s explore. Continue reading Yet

Policy To Golf

It’s one of those clean up the notepad days. It is Sunday morning as I write this and there is plenty that occurred in the last few days meriting mention. Let’s explore. Continue reading Policy To Golf