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The Endorsement Of Ruben Gallego

I’ll commence today’s article with a shout out to any readers I have in Italy and all those of Italian heritage regardless of where you live – Happy St. Joseph’s Day. Now on to today’s meat and potatoes: endorsing Ruben Gallego for the open U. S. Senate seat in Arizona.

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It Would Take Two

There are several reforms I am in favor of. I’m somewhat undecided on the one I will review today. The Senate is by design an undemocratic institution. Truth be told it was one of the compromises the Founders made in order to get a constitution that could be adopted. History has proven not all of them to be wise. Is this among them? I’ll leave that discussion for another day.

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Normally funerals/memorial services are boring events. That was certainly not the case Thursday at the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta when President Obama took to the pulpit to eulogize John Lewis. While its immediate impact is nil; it was far and away the most important thing that happened in American politics last week yet it will go largely unnoticed in the short run. Let’s explore. Continue reading O!

Don’t Be Afraid To Do The Correct Thing

I was cleaning out a file cabinet the other day, (nobody said my life was exciting), when I came across a paper given to me by one of the wisest men I ever met, the late Dr. Bill Palich. At the time that paper represented the anger and disappointment we shared about a Senatorial vote. Today it represents a lesson. Let’s explore. Continue reading Don’t Be Afraid To Do The Correct Thing

A Working Senate

Monday Republican Arizona Senator John McCain was in Pennsylvania campaigning for his Republican colleague Pat Toomey. Both are up for reelection. McCain made an appearance on WPHT’s Dom Giordano Program during which he made the following statement: “I promise you that we [Senate Republicans] will be united against any Supreme Court nominee that Hillary Clinton, if she were President, would put up.” Suppress your urge to vomit and let’s explore. Continue reading A Working Senate