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A Whole Lot Happening

During the Trump era seemingly every day brings with it a week’s worth of political news. Today I’d like to attempt to catch up on some recent events many of which did not get the coverage they deserve. Let’s explore. Continue reading A Whole Lot Happening

And Then

Actions and reactions, deeds and repercussions: that is what today’s article is all about. (And I’m just looking at the last 72 hours or less.) While I know where to end, I’m not certain where to start so I’ll just jump in. Let’s explore. Continue reading And Then

Giggles, Observations And Fears

I was initially going to split this article into three groups as outlined in the title. Then I realized that in many cases my observations led to my attempts at sarcastic humor and it was almost impossible to separate them. I sincerely hope none of the fears I outline today materialize; perhaps that is why they are fears. However they are not outside the realm of possibility with Donald Trump at the helm in Washington. With all that in mind let’s explore. Continue reading Giggles, Observations And Fears