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Be Selfish If That’s What It Takes

I think about inequity a lot; more so as I get older and am not as distracted by the day-to-day demands of a job. I’d like to think I do so out of empathy and morality. Let’s say I lacked those two qualities – like most modern-day Republicans. Equity would still be something I should care about because the real power players have played a divide and conquer game for centuries.

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Days Is A Plural Word

Today’s is basically a continuation of yesterday’s article entitled Dog Days Clearance. Fortunately for me “days” is a plural word. Let’s explore. Continue reading Days Is A Plural Word

Just Another Trump Action That Will Kill Americans

The National Prayer Breakfast was held in Washington, DC last week Thursday. President Trump took the opportunity to make another overture to the Religious Right in an effort to retain them as part of his base. In the process he will undoubtedly kill many Americans. Think I’m being hyperbolic? Let’s explore and see if you reach the same conclusion after reading the below.   Continue reading Just Another Trump Action That Will Kill Americans

A Lesson For All At The Bread Store

If you noticed something a bit different about my postings last week you are very perceptive. I wrote them all well ahead of publishing to accommodate my travel schedule. Normally the Sunday article would feature the biggest political event of the prior week. I was also tempted to do a “catch up” article. There was certainly plenty of material. Those were the choices I was contemplating as of Friday afternoon when I got a call from my wife. Then it all changed. Let’s explore. Continue reading A Lesson For All At The Bread Store

Trump’s Batting Average

Last Saturday Andrew Brunson returned to the United States after spending about the last twenty years in Turkey. The last two were spent as a prisoner of Turkish President Recep Erdogan’s regime. Most of that time was spent under house arrest, not in a Turkish prison. The more time that passes the more this looks like a ruse on the part of both Erdogan and American President Donald Trump. Let’s explore.   Continue reading Trump’s Batting Average