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2024 Book Of The Year

By the time you read this I will have read over 100 books in 2023. Of those only eight made it to the Recommended Reading List. (You are already here so the list is just a click away.) As I sat down to write this four were in contention for Book of the Year. Let me just conclude my introduction by stating that 2023 was a very good year for political/economic/public policy non-fiction. I also learned (or to be more accurate reinforced) a lesson along the way. More about both below.

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If you have any doubt that the people currently controlling the Republican party want to maintain their positions and expand their control by any means available, please continue to read today’s article. If you have already come to that realization read to gain more conversation fodder.

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Progressive Sweeping XV

I’ll be hitting the road for a few days. This will be my last “live posting” until I get back. Seems like a perfect time to do some sweeping of my notes and email box.

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