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Ramblin’ On Republicans

I recorded Wednesday night’s GOP debate; then I deleted it unwatched. That was not a mistake. I’ll explain that and make some other observations about today’s Republican party in the following paragraphs.

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No Guilt Here

Sunday, I set the kickoff 2024 GOP debate to be recorded on my TV. I decided that I would not watch it live nor make it the next day’s article’s topic. I may or may not watch it down the road and I don’t feel the least bit guilty about my decision.

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Is Better Good Enough?

As with any disaster, accident or tragedy (you select the verbiage) generally multiple things have to go wrong to enable them. The 2016 election of Donald Trump is no exception. Among the enabling factors was the extensive press coverage he received. Leading up to 2024 the press is doing a much better job. The question is if that job is good enough to prevent a similar tragedy in 2024. Continue reading Is Better Good Enough?

Did I Miss Something?

My degree is not in political science but I’ve been observing and writing about politics for long enough that I feel I have a better than decent idea of what strategies should be. I also spent 15 seasons coaching basketball at reasonably high levels and like to think I have an idea of winning strategies there too. What is happening in the 2024 GOP presidential primary confounds me. With the notable exception of Chris Christie none of the others appear to be willing to take on the clear frontrunner, Donald Trump, at a moment he appears to be particularly vulnerable to attack.

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