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The “Who Me?” Defense

I think I may be one of the first to detect it, but it appears to me that there is a new Trump ally legal defense which I am calling the Who Me Defense. I predict it will be unsuccessful in the courts of law but that is not its intended target.

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My President Is A Victim (Or At Least He Plays One On TV)

I have spent much time since the 2016 election trying to figure out why so many people from Appalachia and the Rust Belt voted for Donald Trump. Having been born, raised and educated in the Rust Belt I should be able to figure that one out and to a great degree have. I’ve done a ton of reading trying to unlock the Appalachia mystery. I think I may have stumbled on a common link: the victim card. Let’s explore. Continue reading My President Is A Victim (Or At Least He Plays One On TV)

Is Charlie Coming?

It is very early Monday morning as I pen this and I think I may have figured something out. Donald Trump is a nominal Republican at best. Much like the Tea Party before him, he saw a political party that he could coopt for his own purposes. In his case it was a money grab that worked out better than he ever imagined it would. In order to further his organized criminal enterprise he has accommodated some of the Republicans’ most radical demands; now I think he may be setting things up to use one of their defenses. Let’s explore. Continue reading Is Charlie Coming?

Cut, Cut, Cut!

It is early Thursday morning as I write this article. What I am calling the Trump Tower Tax Cut was scheduled to be unveiled in the House of Representatives yesterday.  Two things happened on Wednesday neither of which was the unveiling.  They will form the basis of today’s article.  Let’s explore. Continue reading Cut, Cut, Cut!

My President Is A Crook

On January 23, 2017 I published My President Is A Liar. The instances cited in that article came from just his first few days in office. In some ways this is a supplement to that article. Today I’m going to assert that he is also a crook and my evidence will come from his first few weeks in office. This tiger revealed his stripes very quickly. Let’s explore. Continue reading My President Is A Crook