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My Little Bit Of Sunlight

In 1914 Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis observed, “Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants…”. Today I’d like to shed a bit (I fear inadequate) sunlight on the problem of Black maternal mortality in America. Racism and inequity are common themes in my writing but today I’d like to concentrate on this one aspect of them.

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Lethal Losers

By the time you read this the American death toll officially attributed to the coronavirus will most likely exceed 90,000. Keep in mind that number is demonstrably too low. A week ago it was 80,000. 36 million Americans have signed up for unemployment benefits in the last eight weeks. If you take metro New York out of the numbers the death toll is rising in America. Trump and his Republican minions are sounding the all clear. That is a lethal combination. Let’s explore. Continue reading Lethal Losers

Commence Censorship

1930’s political/historical fiction and non-fiction gained popularity in America over the past year. This happened with good cause. In fact that cause has a name: Donald Trump. Allow me to elaborate. Continue reading Commence Censorship