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Progressive Sweeping LVIII

I thought closing out November with a “sweeping” was as good a way as any, so here we go.

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A Dinner That Served Food For Thought

I’m going back about a decade but the impact of a conversation is still with me and the thoughts are worth sharing with you today.
The scene was a banquet hosted by an international corporation at its North American headquarters. (As an aside, the food was actually very good; not the rubber chicken circuit I was used to as a jock.) I was invited as a Board member of a non-profit organization that they had been generously donated to by the corporation.

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That Necessary Socialism

Economically I’d describe myself as a capitalist with a touch of socialism. If anyone is actually honest and knows what they are talking about that is also an accurate description of the American economy. In the following paragraphs I’ll apply it to a current challenge facing America.

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The Endorsement Of John Hickenlooper

Hop aboard as I transport you to Colorado for a few hundred words. Colorado is a bluish-purple state in transition; but certainly not blue yet. It’s not the kind of place where an AOC-type Democrat can win in 2020. A pure progressive would get killed in a statewide general election so a somewhat conservative Democrat or someone who takes a middle of the road approach embracing the best parts of both the progressive and conservative political philosophies is in order. I contend that John Hickenlooper is the latter. Let’s explore. Continue reading The Endorsement Of John Hickenlooper

Buttigieg And A Bumper Sticker

Monday morning I caught a snippet of an appearance a candidate did. That afternoon my wife saw a bumper sticker. Put them together and they prove a point while providing a lesson for 2020 Democratic candidates regardless of office. Let’s explore. Continue reading Buttigieg And A Bumper Sticker