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Hometown Connection

The word is that you can never go home again. I was born in Buffalo, New York and grew up in an adjacent suburb. I have no desire to return to Western New York (other than perhaps a visit – it’s a great place to eat). Having lived there for the first 47 years of my life it will always be a part of me. If I notice someone is from there I tend to pay just a little bit more attention especially if we share an alma mater. That can be both good and bad. New York Times columnist Michelle Goldberg is a fellow Western New York native and SUNY-Buffalo alum. I follow her work and suggest you do also. Michael Caputo was born in Buffalo, off and on lived in Western New York and attended SUNY-Buffalo. The three of us are certainly not alike. Let’s explore. Continue reading Hometown Connection

Stanley, Tony, Willie And Mike; It’s Time To Get Pissed Off!

This one has been building up inside of me for some time now and today is the day I decided to finally write about it. Those who follow my reading and writing know that I have spent much of the last two years trying to figure out why Rust Belt and Appalachian blue collar workers voted for Trump in 2016. I grew up and was educated in the Rust Belt were I lived (working non-industrial jobs) well into my forties. The names in today’s title represent the friends I had in the four major ethnic groups of my native Western New York. While my reading about Appalachia never answered all my questions; I feel the motivation wasn’t that different than it was in the Rust Belt. Let’s explore my theory and how it is working out for those I left behind in Buffalo and similar cities.       Continue reading Stanley, Tony, Willie And Mike; It’s Time To Get Pissed Off!

Policy To Golf

It’s one of those clean up the notepad days. It is Sunday morning as I write this and there is plenty that occurred in the last few days meriting mention. Let’s explore. Continue reading Policy To Golf

The VOICE Speech

Without always succeeding, my general goal is to make the subject of Sunday’s posting the big political story of the prior week. This week there was so much to choose from. Somehow I selected President Trump’s Tuesday night address to a joint session of Congress. Effectively it was a State of The Union address without officially being so. The tradition of a new President addressing a joint session about a month after taking office was started by Ronald Reagan. Let’s explore. Continue reading The VOICE Speech

To Debate Or Not?

If you are a political junkie like me (and since you are reading this there is a decent chance you are) one of the things you look forward to are the presidential debates. There is legitimate reason to question whether they will take place in 2016. Let’s explore. Continue reading To Debate Or Not?