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The Enemy Has Identified Itself

Timestamp: 10:38am Tuesday morning

I commenced penning this piece minutes after the Supreme Court announced its decision in the Trump immunity case. The core issue is simple, so simple that many have called it a no-brainer, yet the Court not only made it complicated but it clearly ignored the one of the Founders’ basic principles: we do not have kings in America.

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An Issue For 2024

The Democrats have been late to the table when it comes to the importance of federal judges, especially Supreme Court justices. The 2022 election was the first where people who cited the Court as their primary voting motivation broke Democratic.

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Should Disney Sue Trump?

I am not an expert historian on presidential cabinets but I have to think Trump’s is one of, if not, the worst ever assembled. Without referring to physical appearance, it reminds me of the bar room scene in Star Wars; which begs the question: Should Disney sue Trump? Let’s explore. Continue reading Should Disney Sue Trump?

The Enshrinement Of Abigail Adams

I expect 2018 to be an unusual year and I can think of few ways better to start than by enshrining what many may initially think is an unusual choice for the Progressive Hall of Fame. Abigail Adams is mainly known for being the wife of our second President, John Adams, and the mother of our sixth President, John Quincy Adams. While that alone is notable, it doesn’t even figure into her induction. After reading the next few paragraphs I think you will agree with her worthiness for induction. Continue reading The Enshrinement Of Abigail Adams

The Enshrinement Of Thurgood Marshall

It has been over a year since I inducted someone into the Progressive Hall of Fame. It is not something that is done lightly or under the pressure of time constraint. The theme of this man’s life could have been: Don’t just get mad and/or even; do something positive to change the situation. Continue reading The Enshrinement Of Thurgood Marshall