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Who Had The Best Weekend?

Today’s title is a question that I intend to answer in the third last paragraph. In the process you will have to grant me a bit of leeway in my definition of the term “weekend”. Since I was a child I always thought of Friday as the beginning of the weekend. There were a variety of reasons –which I won’t bore you with – they evolved as I got older, but the basic premise of my reasoning remained. With that in mind let’s explore.   Continue reading Who Had The Best Weekend?

2020 Clearly?

Another new year is upon us and in American politics it doesn’t appear it will be a quiet, boring one! I’ll try and predict what the top five stories of 2020 will be. Let’s explore. Continue reading 2020 Clearly?

Return The “Gifts”

Today is Boxing Day. I’m not going to go into the genesis; it has basically evolved into the big day for returning Christmas presents to retailers. Sometimes it is a swap based on size or color. Often it is simply returning and getting cash or store credit for something you simply do not want. There is a political version of that called elections. With all that in mind let’s explore. Continue reading Return The “Gifts”

America A. T. – Part Six

The following is the sixth installment in a series of undetermined duration and frequency about life in America after Trump (A.T.).

Since moving to the South I learned an expression I had never heard before. It goes along the lines of, “Sometimes it’s better to ask forgiveness than permission.” That is especially applicable if you did wrong or if you are trying to clean up the mess of someone before you who did. With that in mind, let’s explore. Continue reading America A. T. – Part Six

World Series Cleanup?

Today’s is the last “live blog” I will post for a few days. It is also the day (or evening to be more accurate) of the sixth and possibly deciding game of the World Series. Therefore I thought it would be a good opportunity to clean up (bad pun intended). Let’s explore. Continue reading World Series Cleanup?