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Sorry, But I Must

I really don’t want to write about Donald Trump, but I again I feel I must. On Thursday of last week, he was the 1076th person to be arraigning in DC Federal Court on charges related to January 6th. That was the biggest American political event of the week just passed and I’d like to comment on it below.

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Normally op-ed writers take victory laps. This is closer to a mea culpa. However, I’m convinced there is at least one more act to this play. Yesterday’s article (boy, should I have put a time stamp on that one!) assumed the Wagner Group’s actions would last at least a bit longer. Well, on the surface at least, it didn’t work out that way.

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Is It Any Wonder?

There are some Trump believers out there, the majority of Americans are simply disgusted with the President; however there is a small group that still wonders just what went wrong and how it happened. Today’s article should enlighten them. Continue reading Is It Any Wonder?