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Thank You Alan!

NOTE: Generally, I make the biggest political story of the week just passed the subject of my Sunday article. I deviated this week because Sunday gets the most readership and I feel extremely strongly about book banning.

In 2011 I posted an almost real time angry reaction to an event. I learned my lesson. Since then, when angry, I have always waited a bit. On June 14th the Washington Post’s online edition had a story entitled, “A Florida school district banned a book about banned books.” Today is my angry response to the school board’s action.

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Progressive Sweeping LXXIX

To say I have some catching up to do is an understatement. Sweeping; I need a bulldozer and I’d still get an incomplete!

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Yes, They Are Less Than Bright

Assignment: Write Sunday’s article. Standard Operating Procedure: Make the biggest American political story of the week just ended your subject matter. This week I decided on a different approach; a more general theme. Instead of a single story I will use a link between all of them – well, some anyway, I’ll never cover them all – Republican stupidity.

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Progressive Sweeping LXXIII

A lot is pending and I have a lot to say, so let’s go.

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The Anti Party

What does today’s Republican Party stand for? That is a legitimate question and one I intend to explore today.

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