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Campaign Like It’s 2018 Again

In my opinion the biggest value to the study of history is learning from it. If something works repeat it; if something doesn’t work don’t keep repeating it. 2018 was a great year for Democrats. A large part of that was a backlash against Donald Trump which generated unprecedented Democratic turnout for a mid-term. The result was a huge Blue Wave. As in sports so it is in politics: opportunity is only good if you seize it and make the most of it. 2018 is a guide for 2020. Let’s explore. Continue reading Campaign Like It’s 2018 Again

Republicans Are Dangerous To America’s Health

Over the years, particularly in the last decade, I don’t know how many times I have said or written words to the effect that Republicans are hazardous to your health; but it is many times. Far from taking it back I want to highlight a recent example and then expand on it a bit. Let’s explore. Continue reading Republicans Are Dangerous To America’s Health

Consequences And Veterans

How do you put Veterans’ Day and a short analysis of the 2018 election and its consequences together into a single brief article? Let’s explore. Continue reading Consequences And Veterans

Coming Into The 7th Inning

I thought I’d use a baseball metaphor to illustrate a political point today. When baseball mangers enter the seventh inning they think in terms of nine more outs. We are in the equivalent of the seventh inning of the 2018 elections. One of my pet peeves in politics is how people sloppily interpret polls. Their two big mistakes are failure to take timing and the margin of error into consideration. Let’s explore how that effects what the 2018 Senate races look like today. Continue reading Coming Into The 7th Inning

Tell Me What’s Gonna Happen

I ran into one of my occasional readers the other day. He was glad to see me as I entered his office greeting me by the website’s name. His question was basically the title of today’s article (and certainly the inspiration of it.) I was honesty with him and said I didn’t have any inside information or scoops; I just write opinion pieces. The only prediction I made was what I have been saying here for months now: I don’t know when this will all end or just how we will get there but I expect the Trump administration to end with Trump’s resignation ala Richard Nixon in Watergate. More on both of our minds was the mid-term elections and I’d like to share some predictions about them from my “30,000 foot perch”. Let’s explore. Continue reading Tell Me What’s Gonna Happen