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I’m Back

Ready or not, I’m back. To fill you in, the root problem was emergency gall bladder surgery. That’s enough about me. I can’t possibly catch up but I’d like to take a look at three occurrences since we last met. Let’s explore.    Continue reading I’m Back

26 Hours In Motown

One week from tonight Detroit becomes the political epicenter of American politics as twenty Democratic 2020 hopefuls take the stage for two consecutive nights of debates in two heats of ten each. The draws are complete and I just wanted to share some of my “pregame” thoughts with you. Let’s explore. Continue reading 26 Hours In Motown

One Week Out And Thus Far

One week from tonight the first day of the two day first round of the 2020 Democratic Presidential Debates will commence. I thought today would be a good time to get my two cents in on the debates and also do a periodic review of the campaign to date. Let’s explore. Continue reading One Week Out And Thus Far