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2019 In Review

It’s the last day of a very eventful political year which means it’s an appropriate time to review the year’s biggest political stories. There may well be some legitimate disagreement about the order but I think I nailed them in my New Year’s Day prediction so I will review them in that order. Let’s explore. Continue reading 2019 In Review

I Remember When American Presidents Were Leaders

I’m writing further ahead than normal. It is Monday morning and I’m already writing Thursday’s article. There were plenty of topics to choose from. When I went to bed last night this wasn’t at the top of the list. This morning I saw brief news coverage of the five living former presidents coming together for American citizens. The current occupant of the White House basically mailed it in. I feel old because I can still remember when American presidents regardless of Party we leaders. Let’s explore. Continue reading I Remember When American Presidents Were Leaders